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Can I join the millitary if... 2008/4/11 06:27
I may want to move to Japan some day permanatly, so i was wondering if i do would i be able to join the Military?
by Alex  

... 2008/4/11 09:32
If you mean the Japan Self Defense Forces then you can join if you are have Japanese citizenship. However it is no easy task to become a gain citizenship if you do not have a Japanese national as a parent.
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JSDF 2008/4/11 09:34

If by "military" you mean Japanese Self Defense Force, then you would have to be a Japanese citizen with a Japanese education.
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... 2008/4/11 09:54
Here's their recruitment site:


It's all in Japanese. There seem to be a lot of different branches of service to go into. They all seem to require an examination as well. I would say that being able to read that website would be the first requirement towards joining.
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why "military"? 2008/4/11 17:13

Why would you want to "join the military"? What does that got to do with being in Japan permanently? If you can analyze your question, someone may be able to give you a better advise.
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Military? 2008/4/12 04:07
Maybe he means the military in his own country while living in Japan?
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JSDF 2008/4/12 07:43
I think he wants to join the Japanese Self Defense Forces, which is a military force, even if it isn't called army, navy, air force etc.

First though he has to think how he will live in Japan long enough to become a citizen- what kind of job, visa, and whether he actually likes Japan once he gets here enough to stay the length of time required to become a citizen (5 to 10 years- the longer time period is more common from what I hear).
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army 2008/4/12 17:01
I wish him good luck but by the time he gets its citizenship he may be too old anyway..
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