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Adoption by Japanese citizens, 2008/4/11 08:43
I had a theoretical question that I am having a hard time finding the answer to. If I (a 19 yo US citizen currently living in the US) were to be adopted somehow by two upstanding, financial sound Japanese citizens currently residing in Japan that I have no actual blood relation to, how possible would it be to obtain residency status or even Naturalization?
by Mira  

... 2008/4/11 10:26

If you look at Article 8, (2) - you would have to have been a minor according to the law of your country when you got adopted - so 19 might be a bit late?
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. 2008/4/11 12:36
If you were adopted, which is highly unlikely in your situation, you could get the equivalent of a spouse visa. That visa will allow you to live and work here without restriction.

I couldn't imagine the adoption agency taking your application seriously if you go ahead with this.
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ok 2008/4/11 14:33
Ah, thanks. I assumed as much but since the legal age in Japan is 20, I thought it would have been a possible interesting development if the adoption process was still possible.
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