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Living in japan for 1 Yr & Ski season 2008/4/12 03:07

My girlfriend and I are planning to come and live and work in Japan for a year.

We don't really want to teach English so we're just trying to find out if there are any other options for English speaking people in Japan.

We also intend to spend part of the year working in one of Japans ski resorts.

If anyone can offer any advise on these areas it would be appreciated.
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working at ski resorts 2008/4/12 09:12
The travel agency www.welovesnow.com is run by English-speaking people (British? Australian? I don't know) so if you got in touch with them they might have some insight into working at ski resorts. Unless you speak Japanese, though, I wouldn't count on it being very easy to find a job.
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... 2008/4/12 12:35
If you qualify for Working Holiday Visa in terms of nationality, you might be able to find casual work like working at ski resorts... that's about the only possibility I can think of, if you want to come just for one year/a few months.
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restaurants, beach resorts 2008/4/12 14:59
Also bar and restaurant work, although this is a bit restricted if you don't speak any Japanese. There are agencies who also place people in the Okinawa resorts in summer- one I know of is www.booboobeach.com
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