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Shal we go dutch? 2008/4/13 12:54
Hi guys,
I`m new in Japan and got a student interested in studying at a coffee shop. In this case who pays for the coffee?Are there any rules about it?
Best regards
by Erick  

Your invite 2008/4/13 16:46
Since you invited him to the coffee shop, I would say you pay for the coffee, and he pays you for your time.
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no fixed rules 2008/4/13 17:08
I have had private students who paid for the coffee, and others who didn't, it's up to you and the student to decide. As it is an English lesson, it isn't a situation where you invited the student to the coffee shop, so I don't think what Hi said above applies.
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Invitation 2008/4/13 19:01
"got a student interested" sounds like the teacher invited, or persuaded the student to have lessons there. That's why I thought the teacher should pay.
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usually 2008/4/13 23:19
if the student contacted me first, the student pays for my coffee. I try to pay for my share sometimes but I'm never allowed to. Hope that helps.
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try family restaurants 2008/4/14 07:51
family restaurants tend to be a bit quieter, more spacious and have all you can drink drink bars for about 300 yen or so. so if you can line up 2 students in a row, you can afford to pay for yourself.
generally, i think the student pays but it depends on how much you are charging. also who is paying your train fare? you want to end up with at least 2000 yen for the lesson.
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