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Where to live in Kanto? 2008/4/14 06:25
I got a job with Heart so I'll be moving to Japan in September. Trouble is, I haven't decided on where in Japan. I'm limited to the Kanto region but my options within Kanto are pretty open, with the exception of Tokyo -- not an option. So far, I am partial to Saitama but only because a friend of mine used to live there. I've been reading japan-guide and wikipedia/wikitravel, etc and turn now to personal reviews, so share 'em if you got 'em!

I'm looking for places with lots of culture to see and natural beauty to explore. So basically most of Kanto... My most familiar option is Saitama, but I'm curious about Ibaraki (specifically Mito), Chiba City, Utsunomiya (Nikko?), Yokohama.

As for personal background, I'm a 22 years old physics graduate from NC, USA and my contract goes from Sept 1 - March 31. Also, if a position is open in any particular place, I can snag it if I ask!

I'm open to any comments/suggestions/etc. so please lend me your valuable wisdom!
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Chiba 2008/4/15 05:07
Chiba has some very 'inaka',rural, areas. I have a friend living there and it surprised me, all farms and neighbors exchange crop with each other. Finding my way around to my friends house is like a maze of rice patties.
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