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Mail a lighter from Japan to the US? 2008/4/15 14:21

I'm thinking to send a gas lighter (which shaped like a grenade...) as a birthday present to America from Japan. I've heard that it's forbidden to bring any kind of lighter on plane but I can't find any information to send it.

Do you think they'll take it out before it's delivered? And would they take the whole back with other presents?

Thank you.

by Ed  

International post 2008/4/15 22:32

Lighters cannot be sent by international post. If it is shaped like a grenade, then there is a high probability that it might get detected and returned to you.
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lighter 2008/4/16 08:03
You may even have problems if you carry it in your checked luggage. Do you read the news? are you aware how concerned and touchy the customs officers in many countries are? (not that we can really blame them)
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Grenade?! 2008/4/16 09:36
I think anything shaped like a grenade will have a hard time being shipped...
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You can try 2008/4/22 06:11
You could just do it and see what happens. I don't think they will put you in jail for it. They may just confiscate it.
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... 2008/4/22 07:13
The moment you write "lighter" on your small parcel customs declaration form, the post office might not even accept it :(
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... 2008/4/24 10:13
If it has never been fueled then you might be able to send it, but you'll have to check the specific regulations on that. How much like a grenade are we talking about? If lifesize, then I'd just forget about it.

If it's small and unfilled I would try shipping it in a separate package than the rest of your items. At the worst, the post office will refuse your package or it will get confiscated at some point.
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Gifts 2008/4/29 11:15
I think you can get these kinds of novelties in America. It would also be more an American gift than Japanese.
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Clarification 2008/4/29 12:57
What I meant was grenade lighters seem more like an American gift than something from Japan.
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