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Bicycle accident 2008/4/15 23:49
Anyone been in a bicycle accident? Recently been in one. Made a police report and the police came and made their notes at the scene. The older lady that was involved called her insurance. She is complaining about a sore foot. Anyone know what happens next? The police told us to work it out between the two of us.
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not with a bike, but... 2008/4/17 12:32
Are you covered by insurance? In other words, is there an insurance company who can talk to her insurance company on your behalf? If so, you should contact them right away and leave it to them. If not, you just have to be sincere.

Try to settle all financial matters with her insurance company and not directly with her. But be sincere when talking to her. It is customary for the victimizer to present a box of sweets to the victim, although I've never done it and still never had a problem settling down the car accidents I caused.

When making payments, get a reciept. When everything is settled, be sure her insurance company gives you a written form saying it's over. Don't rely on verbal promises. But a phone call to tell her your last greetings may be nice.

Most city halls and ward offices provide free consulting in foreign languages, by the way. The police can give you advise as well.
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Yes, it happened to my son 2008/4/17 14:33
It was exactlly simillar case we went through. My son hit mid-age woman. She claims my 10-year-old son is the whole to be blamed. We called police and insurance company which said to me that you might have had difficult person to deal with. The woman kept saying the pain continues for a long time but after we paid 70,000 yen for compensation including hospial fee and pcycological pain? she called (of course insurance com.paid rest of 70,000 yen)
. But it didn`t look to end so my husband made her promise no to complain by signing her name on a formal paper. We paid so,,,what more?
the woman`s husband also looked embarassede by her attitude toword money.
And there are some feer consultant available in Japan ,so look yellow page.
[Free consultatio]
or every city offers those window if you go to city-hall.
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Right or Wrong. . . 2008/4/17 17:01
. .the pedestrain here always has the right of way.

Offer her what you think it's worth, if she wants MORE let her take you to court.

Good Luck
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doesn:t sound right 2008/4/17 17:49
We were both riding bicycles when we ran into each other. After the police left, we gave her 10,000 man for a visit to the hospital, taxi, and anything else. I get the impression she will be asking for more.
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correction 2008/4/17 18:32
We gave ichi man, 10,000 yen, about 100 dollars. Not 10,000 man.
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watch out for percentage 2008/4/17 18:49
To Oh no,

If you were both riding bicycles, it is likely that either is 100% to blame. The fault can be up to something like 60%:40% depending on the situation.

Decent insurance companies are usually fair about these percentages, so you should listen to what her insurance company has to say.

Again, if you have an insurance company for yourself, that company can judge on your behalf the fair percentage in this case.

Again, if you're not covered by insurance, the police or consultant services should be able to give you advise. Btw, "free consulting" in Japanese is "furii konsarutingu" or "muryo-soudan", but you can just go and ask for details in your language at the counter where you did your foreign registeration.

Just to add. I think people tend to panic, view things negatively and blame it all on the other party when they are injured and frightened. But if you keep a sincere attitude, the calm people surrounding the victim will judge you fairly and will give good advise to the victim on your behalf, which was what happened upon my car accident.
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Insurance 2008/4/18 09:24
I got news that my insurance covers this type of incident. I'm surprised because I didn't know I had it.
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3 months 2008/4/23 19:03
My insurance company is now tell us the lady is getting three months of some kind of therapy. They will contact us in three months. It sound excessive, but I guess older ladies in Japan have an advantage in accidents. It didn't seem like she was hurt that much. I'm thankful we have insurance, really thankful. I recommend it to everyone living in Japan.
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type? 2008/4/23 21:20
Can you inform me what kind of insurance that you have that covers these types of bike accidents? Life insurance? Car insurance? Accident insurance? Like you, I wouldn`t know if I have it or not.
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Insurance 2008/4/24 08:17
It wasn't the Japanese car insurance, post office life insurance, or the national health insurance. It was a part of our home insurance. I was surprised because the accident didn't happen in or near our home, but it covers this kind of situation.
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To know if you have it or not 2008/4/24 10:12
Just for reference, this is what I do.

Whenever I recieve a brochure or an agreement, I take a quick look at it just to sort out whether it should go to the waste basket or to my files.

In particular, those that have any kind of insurance with it goes to my exclusive insurance file. This is because insurance is especially important and yet it works only when you're panicing.

When emergencies occur, I would look into my insurance file to see if any of them covers my situation. Quite often it doesn't say, so I would make a few calls for more details. Keeping a neat file helps make efficient calls. It will also help other family members to look things up when the person who filed it is unavailable.

Many people seem to miss out on things like the fact that many credit cards that don't even require membership fee, or even "point cards" you get from shops, covers things like travel insurance and many more.
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personal liability clause 2008/4/24 18:51
Generally, overseas travel insurance has a clause of personal liability, I think. Sometimes, other insurance (automobile, fire, injury) of Japan has a clause of special contract of personal liability. Probably, fire insurance you had been required to insure when you rented a room has similar clause.
These clauses also cover liability for a bicycle accident.
I recommend asking to agent or company or GIAJ, if you couldn't understand your insurance exactly.

This is website of the General Insurance Association of Japan. (In English) http://www.sonpo.or.jp/en/about/activity/consumer.html

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Insurance 2008/4/25 15:27
It is covered by our homeowners insurance. We called all of the different insurance companies we had policies with and asked if we were covered. Only the homeowners policy covered it. It's not a rental; we own the home. Don't know if it's standard insurance, but it was included.
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