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Good price on camera stuff in Tokyo 2008/4/17 01:48

We will be landing in Tokyo around 730am in the morning next week and have about 7 hours before our flight to Kushiro. Does anyone knows where to get a good bargain on camera lens in Tokyo?
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I don't know for sure, but... 2008/4/18 14:21
maybe Akihabara "Electric Town" will be a good place to look. It's the famous area of Tokyo that's teeming with all sorts of electronic gadgets, and you can probably find some camera lenses there too at places like "Bikku Kamera" (Big Camera).
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... 2008/4/18 17:03
Akihabara is your best bet; as thereLre many shops offering good deals (not as cheap as you may think, specially if youLre from the US), and cameras with manuals and menus in English and with international warranty. Just get the train in Narita to Ueno or Tokyo; and ride on the Yamanote line. Akihabara is just between Tokyo sta. and Ueno. Once in Akiba, safe bets are Yodobashi and Laox; both not far from the station.
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Thank you... 2008/4/18 19:35
Hey pals...thank you very much for your valuable information!
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Bargains 2008/4/19 22:12
You will find plenty of places with lenses at Akihabara. Most DSLR lenses have an international warranty.
Don't expect too much of a bargain from BicCamera, Yodobashi Camera, Sofmap, or other shops close to the station.(unless you are form Europe or Australia, etc) You will also tend to find that Duty Free shops will probably be more expensive than the shops above.

If you want to find lenses that are 10-30% cheaper than those shops I mentioned at Akihabara, then have a look in kakaku.com for lenses:


Select the maker, the lens, then the second column from the right has the city. You are looking for Tokyo ( ). Click on the shop (3rd column from the right), and in the box at top left, it MAY have a map kanji ( n} ). See if you can see Akihabara station on the map. ( Htw )
This will help you find the shop.

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