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Recycled Shop 2008/4/17 15:40
Does anyone knows any recycled shop in tokyo that will buy my furnitures or pick them up for free coz it's a waste to throw them away when they are still new. I've asked some shops and they wanted to charge me instead. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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try Classified section 2008/4/18 12:22
Furnitures are indeed hard to get rid of. Actually the best place for me has been the Classified section of this very japan-guide.com site. Put an ad on the section and meanwhile try contacting several recycle shops.

I find the following one to be one of the most sincere and reliable ones. Capacity differs depending on the branch, so if one branch says no, ask them if they can recommend another branch.

Also, if you see recycle shops in your neighborhood that is selling furnitures, that is another good place to ask. Small shops tend to be friendly to the people of the district.

Another option is to check one of those little fliers that come into your mail box that says 不用品買取 (will buy used items). I'm not really sure if they truly make use of the furnitures. I have a feeling they may be dumping some of it illegally. But according to my experience, they promptly picked up mine. At first they told me I have to pay quite a lot of cash to have them pick it up (right, they don't actually "buy" them). I said, "Then no thanks, because it's cheaper to have the city's waste truck pick it up." and they lowered the price way down.

If you can write Japanese, Yahoo Auction can be another option.
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