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Snoopy Harajuku 2008/4/17 18:02
Tokyo 23-ku
I was in Japan last week and I was sad to find that the Snoopy Store in Harajuku appears to be closed. Does anyone know if this is permenant or maybe the store has moved.
I will be back in Japan next year and would like to go there if it has re-opened or moved to a new location
by kittywheaty  

closed 2008/4/26 19:55
pretty sure it closed for good. My GF bought me a few things when they were having the closing sale. sorry...
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Too bad 2008/5/2 18:56
That's too bad, I liked that store :-(
Thanks for letting me know
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Snoopytown stores under new ownership 2008/5/3 14:24
According to the Japanese Snoopy website, the Snoopytown stores have all closed as of March of this year. They are being replaced by new stores under a new owner.Right now there is a store open in Tokyo Station & one in Osaka somewhere. Here's the website if you can read Japanese(it's not a link):
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Thanks 2008/5/6 22:53
Thanks I'll take a look at that site :-)
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Snoopy World / Kiddy Land 2008/5/16 02:32
I was in Japan, Haraujuku (2nd week of April), I was at Kiddy Land and was told that Snoopy World was closed the end of March. They plan to reopen in May in the Kiddy Land building. I found some really cute stuff at Kiddy Land. Hope this helps.
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Snoopy Town in Yokohama 2008/10/7 06:16
I went to Tokyo back in July and yes the Harajuku store has closed down. BUT due to some nice people I found out there's another Snoopy Town in Yokohama. It's in this big mall, though I've forgotten what mall it is, all I know is that downstairs is the train station and across the street is a huge ferris wheel carnival type place.
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Thanks Everyone 2008/10/7 16:54
Thanks eveyone for all the information, will check out Kiddeland and I'll be in Yokohama as well next year so I'll be sure to check that out :-)
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Snoopy Town 2008/10/23 02:53
I just got back from Japan and the only Snoopy Town store left is at Yokohama Queens Square. You can get there via the Minatomirai subway line. There is also a kiosk at Tokyo station.
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Snoopy Town Shop 2008/10/23 19:21
I loved Snoopy town shop in Harajuku, too. Now There are 4 Snoopy town Shop in Japan. But they are not very big. If your PC can read in Japanese, check the website below.

I will write the name of Snoopy Town Shop
ETokyo st
EOsaka Umeda
EYokohama Minatomirai

Harajuku store is located at the 3rd floor of Kiddy Land. Harajyuku ation Ichibangai store.
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