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engagement how pays? 2008/4/18 12:51
I am going to engage my Jgf and is unsure who is supposed to pay for the rings. Do I pay hers and she pays for mine or do I pay for both?
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Kiyo 2008/4/18 12:52
visit the parents and ask their permission yet? Strongly recommended.
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secret engagement 2008/4/18 13:27
At the moment we want to keep the engagement secret, try out the relationship, only close friends attend. Apart from the ring buying ritual what other gifts must the girl receive?
I am not japanese.

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... 2008/4/18 15:01
The engagement ring custom was imported from the West. As we all see in movies and TV, I think it's common for the male to buy the ring. I don't think it's common for a male to wear a engagement ring himself, but often the female might give something like a valuable watch in return.

Now, here's the Japanese part. In modern Japan, they often say that the engagement ring should be worth 3 months of the monthly wages of the sender. On the other hand, most females cannot afford as much for the gift in return.

Official and traditional engagement ceremonies may require various complicated items. It's up to the couple and family to follow this ritual, and of course, parents of both sides are expected to participate.

By the way, I hope your girlfriend is sure that it is alright to get engaged without her parents knowing it. Making a verbal engagement promise is one thing, but secretly accepting a valuable engagement ring is a typical way to get you into trouble between the parents.
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Is she Japanese? 2008/4/18 18:30
Are both of you in Japan? Is she in with you on all these plans? Trying out the relationship with an engagement does not sound like a good idea. If you really want to go ahead with it, I would not worry about doing things the traditional way. It's a very untraditional idea, and probably will not be accepted by most Japanese. Also, be prepared to be ostrasized, maybe she will be disowned by the family. On the positive side, I hope is does work out for both of you.
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