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Piano lessons 2008/4/19 02:02
Is there any Piano lessons schools in Yokohama? (or near)
Prefferably in English (I speak Japanese but it's not that good yet... ~_~)

I took 1 semester of piano already in my homecountry.

by Shiva  

at home 2008/4/19 15:22
Most children in Japan attend private piano lessons that are taught at the teachers' homes. I'm sure that a lot of teachers can handle basic English, and since you too speak some Japanese I assume you can get along with music lessons.

Look around for piano lesson signs or simply ask a neighbor. There are lots in Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama where I live.
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Schools? 2008/4/19 21:37
I would go to Yokohama International School or St Maur International School in Yokohama, and ask them if they can point you to one of their piano teachers for private lessons.
Naturally, they speak English, which is probably what you need.
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Thank you! 2008/4/20 02:35
Thank you for the information. I will go ask some of my neighbors and also try those institutions.

Thanx again!
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