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use of debit card in japan 2008/4/19 20:59
can debit card be use in japan?
can i use debit card for payment if i buy burberry blue lable??
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Yes, but it depends 2008/4/20 10:21
Yes you can use an overseas debit card.

In my case, during my first visits to Japan I always paid with my debit card, and when I needed cash went to the Post Office ATM.

Of course that only big/major stores accept debit cards (as long as you have enough funds, lol). Be sure to check if they accept visa or mastercard or other (depending on you debit card).

Anyway, I hardly recommend you to have some pocket money.
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use of debit card in japan 2008/4/20 11:15
ok thanks^-^
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oops 2008/4/20 11:30
I meant "I really recommend you to have some money pocket" lol

You're welcome =)
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. 2008/4/20 13:16
I was able to use mine just fine, but did notice some minor charges on my bank statement as fee for its overseas use. It was anything major, maybe 5% or so. But it was handy in certain situations.
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... 2008/4/20 15:30
Be sure to check with your bank about fees for overseas use, and also let them know beforehand that you will be using it overseas. If it's PIN based, be sure you have the 4-digit PIN. And I don't know exactly what kind of debit you are talking about - make sure it has Visa or MasterCard on it (in other words, that it is not completely local debit card) - then you can use it wherever they accept Visa or MasterCard :)
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debit cards 2008/4/20 15:50
your card should have at least one of the various logos: Cirrus, Maestro, Plus. All the 7-11 stores in Japan (over 12000 of them) have ATM accepting debit cards with the firs t2 logos for sure.
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