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What does 'daisuki' mean? 2008/4/20 16:19
So I'm an exchange student in Japan. And I was mailing my guy friend last night. We some how got onto the subject of relationships. He had asked me what I thought I about him, I told him he was my type.
Then I asked him: "What about me?"
He answered: "Mochiron daisuki dayo! -heart-"

Is it just a friendly daisuki, or does it mean more than that?
by RyuuGakusei  

it can mean more... 2008/4/20 19:27

According to my GF (she is Japanese) it can mean more. However, I love you would be something like "Aishiteru"...

Good luck :-)

by AUCH rate this post as useful

umm 2008/4/20 20:30
Unfortunately, "Daisuki" means both "I like you so much as a friend." and "I love you so much."
Even Japanese can't always know which.
In your case also.
Considering the contexts you wrote here, I can't yet tell you which his words mean...
by lonitary rate this post as useful

i think.... 2008/4/20 22:44
hi, i'm japanese girl.
i think he likes you so much, not as friend.
we don't say 'daisuki' to friend, also we don't often say 'aishiteru'='I love you'
As you know, japanese are shy and not good at express feeling compare with westerns.

good luck

by kei rate this post as useful

daisuki 2008/4/21 12:30
but, you know, its possible he used "daisuki" because he knew she was foreigner, right?
by lonitary rate this post as useful

... 2008/4/21 20:11
Aaaah. Still confused.
I do realize that he could've written daisuki because I'm a foreigner.
I asked my Japanese friends and they all said it could go either way.
So I mailed him and asked him what he meant...
He forgot his cellphone today so I don't know what he will reply!
by RyuuGakusei rate this post as useful

hmm 2008/4/22 08:28
My Japanese is not that great, but I put daisuki in between suki and aishiteru. Suki i think of as "like as a close friend" and daisuki "like/love more than a friend" and aishiteru is pretty much never used IRL. I get my idea of it from TV...most of the time couples tend to say daisuki to eachother and they may say suki at the beginning but if they seem close I usually hear daisuki. So I would say Daisuki is more than a friend but I could be wrong.
by k rate this post as useful

Yay! 2008/4/22 16:51
So he replied to my mail. And said that it meant that he liked me more than a friend!

So happy right now!
by RyuuGakusei rate this post as useful

8 years 2016/11/24 07:34
I'm wondering.. So what happened to your relationship? 8 years now... Maybe you're still together? Or maybe you never got together?
by Anton (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2016/11/24 09:49
Before we talk about the term "daisuki", you should focus on the "mochiron" part, which means "of course". If you said he was your type and asked him how he thinks about you and he said "mochiron", obviously he means he has the same feelings as you just expressed.

But like the other poster mentioned, the term can both imply friendship and romance. Also, you don't usually use "aishiteru" until you are extremely devoted.

But it's unlikely that you'd put a heart icon to a just-friends person of an opposite gender. In other words, you are definitely in a position where you can ask him if he has romantic feelings for you.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2016/11/24 10:58
Way to dig up this fossil, Anton! lol
by John B digs Japan rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/5/13 16:48
RyuuGakusei... I'm curious what happend next? Would you please share the remaining story??? Plzzzz! Xoxo!
by Curiousness (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/5/14 00:15
@Curiousness, you do realize this thread is more than 9 years old and most likely the person has moved on from posting here.
by John B digs Japan rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/5/15 13:22
It would still be very nice to know any updates...
Hoping OP sees it
by Milk Tea (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/5/15 19:32
Maybe we could just take turns writing an episode? lol
by Paul (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean( 2017/5/15 22:27
Maybe lol!
I want to know too but since it's a personal thing I withdraw.
It would be a mericale if OP answered haha!!!
by Chokohime rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/5/18 13:50
If OP is still snooping around this site then it's bad news probably. No news must be good news!
by EikoPiko rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/6/16 01:01
This could literally become an anime at this rate... But I also want to know what has become of the couple... So for future reference, use Suki for friends, Daisuki for a relationship and the other is never really used?
by Otakudave (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/6/16 02:30
I had a six year old say to me, "John-san, daisuki!!!" I'm not in a romantic relationship with a six year old, so one cannot generalize like that....
by John B digs Japan rate this post as useful

Re: What does 'daisuki' mean? 2017/6/22 15:48
After reading the whole post, I have learned more about this topic. Thank you so much.
by Horence rate this post as useful

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