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Japanese appliances in America? 2008/4/21 00:53
Does anyone know if you can use Japanese appliances in the US. I lived in Japan and have some electronic kitchen items I would love to use, ie, microwave, waterpot, etc. The plugs fit fine, and I know the Hrtz would be within the range...the voltz however are the question. America has 120voltes and many Japanese appliances 100...would it run too hot...? Anyone know? Are there converters available in the US if needed?
by Serena  

appliances 2008/4/21 11:50
Please enter your question in the small search window right above the whole list of questions. You will get a lit of questions/answers on that FAQ. Please note that for safety reasons most appliances used in the USA, even small ones, must have a 3 prongs plug. appliances will work but most will not and could be dangerous to use (overheating)
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... 2008/4/21 17:21
Yes, I'd say it would run too hot. For safety, please do buy a step-down transformer for use of Japanese appliances in the USA. US voltage ranges from slightly under 110V to somewhere over 120V or so, and can be dangerous if this voltage is applied to originally 100V appliances, particularly those that generate heat, including water heater/pots and microwave, etc.
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Appliances 2008/4/22 04:06
Not sure about other appliances but the rice cooker we brought back from Japan works just fine here in the US. It's a computerized model with tons of settings only my J-wife can read and use!
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