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Small horse riding centre 2008/4/21 11:35
Can anyone help me? Im married to a Japanese national, so no probs about Visa`s. I`m looking for some cheap land in Yokkaichi-shi area to keep a few ponies on. Where can I find land for sale or rent and what are the regulations of keeping animals on the land.
Riding clubs are soo expensive in Japan and the nearest riding club from here cost 2,000yen for a 10min pony ride.
Im really interested in setting up a small business with ponies to enable kids to feeed, touch, groom and ride ponies for an inexpensive price. Also I have one 3yr old daughter who adors animals, loves riding, so I want her to have the same opertunities that I had growing up in the country with horses.
I`d really appreciate it if anyone can help me
by Rache  

Land 2008/4/21 23:36

The first and most obvious place to look would be an estate agent in the area where you are looking. They will also be able to tell you about regulations, as land for sale or lease often comes with restrictions on what it can be used for.
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