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How to properly pour tea? 2008/4/22 09:15
Hi. I was wondering, how do you properly pour tea? Like, if it's alreay in the pot ready to go and still look graceful? The pot has a removeable lid and a handle(almost like a mini-kettle) Thanks
by Azuri  

If you mean Japanese tea 2008/4/22 10:08
If it's alreay in the pot ready to go, you can just grab the handle with one hand and slightly put the tips of your fingers of your other hand on top of the lid to make sure it doesn't fall off. Pour so that the tea fills about 70% of the cup. Nothing special to it. If the pot is made of hot material such as iron, you may want to have a tiny cloth at hand so that you won't have to touch it directly.
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Thnx 2008/4/22 10:33
Thank you. I'm performing in a show and have to pour English Tea for a guy(playing a rich man) and I didn't know if there was some psecial way to do it. Like, I've watched videos of geisha and stuff, but it's not that formal and it's hard to show a glimpse of your wrist of your wearing a strapless dress. :)
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