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How long for japanese visa? 2008/4/24 00:30
I have got a post-doctoral position in Tohuku university, Sendai for a period of one year. The certificate of eligibility is in process. After it arrives I will apply for the visa. My question is how long it will take to get the visa after I apply?Please answer
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Fast in California 2008/4/24 12:19
It might depend on where you are, but when I applied, we got it within two weeks.
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. 2008/4/24 14:32
When you get your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) its a matter of going to the Embassy/Consulate of Japan, and that usually takes 2-4 days to turnaround. Mine took 2 days with the COE.

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. 2008/4/24 14:33
The Embassy of Japan website of your home country usually has a number or lists the time it takes. In the US its a 4 day turnaround (minimum) but it only took 2 days (again with the COE), with a COE the Embassy doesn't need to inquire or look at additional documents. Someone without a COE applying for a Visa takes much longer.
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