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Kansai Information request 2008/4/25 05:50
I was accepted for the ECC interview and was wondering which city in the Kansai region would be nice to live in. I would like to live in Okayama, Kobe, or Osaka. Could the people that have lived in those cities give me a brief description of things do do there; nightlife and such.

Thank you advance for the responces
by Marcelo Santos  

Kansai 2008/4/25 17:53
for things to do in all these cities, the first obvious step is check them on GOOGLE! you will get lots of info, including special official info for foreigners living there.
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What ever you want... 2008/4/25 23:59
What are you looking for? If you tell us more details, I think people can be more specific. You want convenience? Cheap? Romantic? Residential? Action? What is your ideal living situation?
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Info 2008/4/26 17:14
By the way Okayama is not in the Kansai..personnally I would do what many people do all over the world who have to work in a big or even a medium sized city: get a place close to a transit line in a quiet cheap suburb and commute by transit to your job and to the entertainment districts as needed. It is hard to recommend an area as this is a very subjective choice and of course where to live is mainly dictated by the rent or mortgage you can afford.
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