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how to meet japanese people. 2008/4/25 11:35
hi, i just arrived in tokyo 3 weeks ago and will stay here for internship for about 6 months. i have been in japan before for a longer period of time but only in kansai.

eventough i met a few nice foreign people and i can speak japanese well i have not made a single japanese friend so far.

i would like to get to know japanese people and make friends but i have a rreally hard time doing so in tokyo and i am all by myself alone so i have no idea what i should do.

can anybody help me? because i really feel lonely. :(
by mia  

Do what you do best. 2008/4/25 14:39
What are your hobbies?

A good way to make friends is by doing things that you like and then you can meet people in those circles. Then you have something to talk about. Otherwise you'll end up with friends with nothing in common other than you want to meet foreigners which I guess is something in common.
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similar thread 2008/4/25 15:35
I agree with Jupiter Rising the most, but here's another similar thread just for reference.
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not to worry 2008/4/26 06:09
Not to worry but I think you'll be alright if you go out and find things you like to do just like the others have said.

It's also dependent on how you are as a person? Do you enjoy going out and meeting people who have the same interests as you? If you are not and are shy then that will make it a lot harder but I think it is still possible.

Step 1 find a couple of things that you like to do and see if Tokyo has any thing like that.
Step 2 find something Japanese that you might want to do and see if there are group gatherings or events you can go to and join.

I think the most important thing is probably your personality and meeting people.

Of course your age might factor in also.

Good luck and I hope you meet a lot of people and making some long lasting friends with some of them. :o)
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Gaigin 2008/4/26 07:52
Do people know you are a foreigner? I look Japanese, but once I start talking, it's obvious that I am not. Maybe try to be more foreign...
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thank you 2008/4/26 13:20
thank you i will take all of your advises and see what i can do with them. i have a lot of interests and hobbies so i should be able to do something.

and yes people can very easily tell i am a foreigner. since i am half black half white :p
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smile 2008/4/26 19:32
u just go out & smile aganist any person now ask him some little quation & now start talking now he is u r friend
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