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the growing of Boronia 2008/4/25 13:22
Recently I visited the Kobe ropeway. I was astonished to see fine examples of Boronia Pinata flowering beautifully. In Australia this plant is fully protected by law. If someone could tell me of the propogation and growing methods, I would be most grateful.
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Boronia 2008/4/27 03:26
Did you Google it? it appears that this flower is grown in Australia and other places for cut flowers. Lots of gardeners are growing them at home. check: www.rirdc.gov.au/pub/handbook/boronias.pdf
check also: www.anbg.gov.au/gnp/gnp4/boronia-pinnata.html
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Greetings Red Frog 2008/4/27 13:50
I thank you for your reply and your interest in my letter. I did check Google and found much to study. I was aware that in some places here, Boronia was grown under 'farm' conditions for the perfume industry. I have not seen Boronia for sale as a 'cut flower' item but certainly it can be purchased in pots from a flower shop, or nursery although this is NO GUARANTEE that it will transplant successfully to the garden. I have found it to be quite sensitive to its surroundings. Sydney City is surrounded by a sandstone basin and driving south towards Sydney during the late winter/early spring period, beautiful (and large) bushes of Boronia can be seen from the Freeway, growing on inhospitable-looking, rock outcrops. To have Boronia growing in one's garden is an achievement, in my opinion. I am interested to know if Boronia is used as a garden plant, in Japan, or is it used as a potted specimen only?

I have many varieties of indigenous plants in my garden but sadly, have had limited success with Boronia. But I will keep trying.
Looking forward to talk to you again Red Frog.
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