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Digital camera prices in Akihabara 2008/4/25 13:39
Hello. I would like to know the digital camera prices in Akihabara, a sony dsc w200 for example. I canLt find the Akihabara prices. Thanks
by Luis  

cameras 2008/4/25 17:59
did you google Yodobashi cameras and BIC cameras?
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price 2008/4/25 19:46
It's 28,100 yen in Yodobashi Camera, but it can be found for about 26,000 yen at Akihabara.
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Thanks 2008/4/26 05:20
Thank you Do you know how much is a Panasonic Lumix Lz10? I dont know if Akihabara has this model.
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LZ-10 2008/4/26 09:44
The cheapest at Akihabara is around 27,000 yen.

Yodobashi sells it for about 30,000 yen.

Remember, that's with Japanese manual, warranty, software. If you hare after duty free, you will probably pay about 35,000 yen or more, for English manual, warranty, software at LAOX.
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English 2008/4/26 11:52
I recently purchased a Nikon D300 from Yodobashi. They provided me with an English language manual but only Japanese software. I can live without the software, there is better available. They had lots of foreign language manuals available.
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Panasonic Lumix TZ15 2008/11/29 17:57
Hi, would anyone know the price of Panasonic Lumix TZ15 at Akihabara? And does it comes with extra battery, tripod, SD cards, etc? Thanks...
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Manuals 2008/11/29 18:20
I know that Nikon and Pentax have the manuals on their support webpages as PDFs for download in different languages, I'm sure that also applies to the other brands. In fact, I would encourage everybody to download the manuals in addition to reading reviews (http://www.dpreview.com/) before buying a camera just to make sure you know all about them when you enter into the shop.
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exchange rate 2008/11/29 20:46
Depends on the exchange rate of your home currency: even with the excellent rate we had in March this year we found that prices in Yodabashi camera in Akihabara were surprisingly no different to those in Australia; and in the case of the Panasonic FZ 18 it was a bit more costly: and extras eg SD cards etc were a LOT more expensive: we were really surprised, and a little disappointed...it was great to see items that were unavailable here though: we had fun "playing" !!!! We didn't look anywhere else in Akihabara though due to time constraints. With the current exchange rate it would be ludicrous
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One other thing... 2008/12/8 13:15
There is one other thing you need to be aware of, if you are buying the TZ15, or any other Panasonic digital camera.
In the last 4-5 months, just about all (and maybe ALL) domestic Panasonic digital compact cameras sold in Japan have Japanese language ONLY!!!!
I've only noticed this recently, as I've bought many Panasonic cameras in the past for family & friends, and they've all been easy to change to English. This is no longer the case.
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SD cards 2008/12/8 13:34
The price of SD cards are very cheap at Akihabara.
If you go into Yodobashi, for some reason they are around twice as expensive there!!!

For example, I bought a Transcend 4G SDHC (class 6) card a couple of weeks ago in the back streets, and it was 720yen!!!

Even 8G SDHC cards(class 6) can be found from around 1300 yen.
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