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2,00,000 yen per month 2008/4/26 01:04
2,00,000 yen per month is good or bad salary for mechanical enginner

how much i can save?
by ramesh  

... 2008/4/27 10:49
Assuming you mean 200,000 yen per month, it is a very low salary. How much you can save depends on where you are living with how many dependents and on your lifestyle. But it won't be much.
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200k yen.. 2008/4/27 11:00
is barely enough to scrape by if you are single and live in some remote place (with company paying for commute fees, obviously) or corporate dormitory.

Otherwise, it is not even enough for that - I think that (after tax) my rent and basic food costs more than that.. and then there is the entertainment budget/travel/savings/whatever to think about.
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low salary 2008/4/27 12:51
Will the company provide accommodation for you? Basic rent for a one room apartment (tiny) in Tokyo is around 60,000 yen per month, and food costs can be as low as 30,000 or so a month if you do some cooking, so it's a liveable salary, but it is very low and it would be difficult to save much.
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if you are new graduate 2008/4/27 20:18
200,000 yen is average salary for a new graduate in Japan. If you have experence in that job I think it is a low salary.
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