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Gas barbecues (bbq) in Japan 2008/4/27 21:00
We are planning to move to Japan for a few years, and love to cook on our LPG Gas bbq (Like a Weber). Does anyone know if you can buy these in Japan, and how much they cost, as we are trying to decide whether to ship our bbq from Australia or not.
by agerobjas  

Yes, 2008/4/28 10:50
You can get them here, but need a good house with a yard to BBQ in. It's not allowed in apartment balconies.
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Where? 2008/5/16 09:41
Where can i get a good one near tokyo?
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barbecue grills 2008/5/16 12:38
why would anyone want a gas barbecue when great Japanese oak charcoal is available? Costco has both. most diy stores have charcoal grills.
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charcoal 2008/5/16 22:44
cooking with a gas grill is much more convienent but I have to agree the charcoal I have used in Japan is so much better than the standard charcoal briquettes we normally use in the US! The Japanese charcoal is a little harder to light but burns hotter, cleaner & longer.
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Where can you order a gas cylinder? 2008/5/22 22:14
Would anyone know where i could order a gas cylinder from? I am in tokyo, already have a bbq that works only with gas and am desperate to obtain a gas cylinder. Could someone pl help?
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gas bbq grills 2008/6/3 11:34
costco does NOT have gas bbq grills. get ur facts straight before you rattle off answers like you know what ur talking about
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