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Train drivers pointing 2008/4/28 08:44
Why do Japanese train drivers (and, I think, tram drivers too) frequently raise their arm and point their index finger forward and slightly upward with a very emphatic gesture? They are normally alone in their cab when they do this -- it isn't part of a conversation with someone.
by John O'Flynn  

Point and say 2008/4/28 11:08

They are pointing to and calling out signals and speed restrictions. This "point and say" procedure is widely used in a number of industries in Japan, and is similar to the preflight "check" routine used by pilots.
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hai, shinkou 2008/4/28 12:55
You will also hear them apparently talking to themselves- it's all part of maintaining awareness of what they are doing and helps to keep safety levels high, as the consequences can be disastrous if they don't follow the regulations, as we saw with the derailment near Kobe a few years ago.
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