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Online Tokyo Phonebook 2008/4/28 10:30
I know most likely there isn't one because I've searched a lot, both in English and Japanese. But still I thought I'd ask.
I don't live in Japan but I need to find the home or mobile number of someone I am looking for there.
Although I'm pretty sure he might not be included in any such, especially an online one, since most people there withold their information, but I still thought I'd ask since I have his name and vague idea of his current address so, is there anything like an online Tokyo phonebook or directory that is for home or mobile numbers not just industries?
I apologize for the ridicilous question and thanks in advance to anyone who would give me advice. It'll be greatly appreciated.

by Kei  

At last the definitive answer 2008/9/17 21:32
Mica wrote:

try phonebookofjapan.com

"Whitepages do not exist"
"Impossible to Find People"

Hehe... nice site. ;-)
We'll have to recommend that to everyone else who comes here asking about White Pages in Japan.
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