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How long do movies play in Japan? 2008/4/28 17:16
I just found out there will be a new Gegege no Kitaro live action movie released on July 12. I wasn't planning on going to Japan until December, but am thinking about moving up my travel plans to late September so I might be able to see the movie. Does anyone know how long a popular movie will run in Japanese movie theaters? And are there such things as second run movie houses there? Thank you!
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For a movie??? 2008/4/29 14:32
U wanna move up your travel plans just to see a movie?

I think it basically the same as elsewhere in the world, how long a movie stays in theatres depends on the popularity of the film itself... if the film bombs, its not gonna be in theatres very long. Do you speak Japanese?

I think you'd be better off keeping your original travel plans because, at least, that way you can buy the movie on DVD or something. But you probably won't be able to play the DVD back home unless you have a region free DVD player.
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Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but... 2008/4/29 15:00
Gegege no Kitaro has been one of my favorites since I was a really small child living in Japan. I lucked out last year when I traveled to Osaka and the movie was still playing there a month after its release. It seems like it was a big hit and wondered how long popular movies stay in theaters in Japan. Plus I like the movie theater experience. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!
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