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osaka apartment 2008/4/29 18:46
Hi, I`m planning to move to an apartment in Osaka soon. This is my first time and I got a lot of questions so here goes...

What kinds of documents need to be filled in for the real estate agent before signing a contract? Can allthe documentation and contract be done by phone via fax?
And what does this mean: 収入証明書(源泉徴収票または納税証明書、給与明細書? How can I obtain this if I`m not working yet, but going to attend university and work part-time there?

Futhermore, how long will all the documentation, contract and procedure take? In other words, about how many days or weeks will all this take until I can move in and have the key to an apartment in Osaka?

I`ve also found some apartments that I like from a site such as ur-net; are websites on apartments made by agencies?

One more thing, if I chose a 3DK room, can my brother or sister move in with me in the future?

I need help readers, so kindly and please answer my questions above~ thank you.
If this is too much to ask, are there any websites with useful information on this?
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... 2008/4/29 22:25

Please read this section on renting an apartment, if you have not already done so.

収入証明書(源泉徴収票または納税証明書、給与明細書 - statement of income (either withholding tax statement = this is issued by your employer - or tax payment certificate, or statement of salary details)

Basically what the real estate agent is looking for is assurance that you have steady income to pay the rent regularly.

In any case, you will need so-called "guarantor" to say that person is going to be responsible for the rent payment in case you cannot pay, or to be jointly responsible for the rent. Normally among Japanese people, people ask their parent(s) to be the guarantor - this is a common practice in Japan.

I don't know where you are going to study at, but some universities/colleges can refer you to apartments/landlords that are happy to rent to students, and there are some estate agents who provide the guarantor service (against a fee). Ask your school what kind of help they can give you.

Once you find the apartment you want (that is available), you have the landlord's consent to rent to a foreign student, and if you come with the
school enrolment paper and ID, along with the initial payment required (in Osaka area, the amounts required as deposit and such can be quite an amount) it will be a matter of a few days to get everything done. So... if you can find in advance, through your school or through web search, an agency that can show you around to look at rooms immediately upon your arrival in Japan, you can maybe expect to stay in a hotel accommodation for maybe a week or so, because you might want to look around several places before you decide.

If you go and find yourself a 3DK apartment alone (which would be considered big for a single student), they will probably ask you if you are going to be alone or with someone - be sure to tell them up front that your brother/sister will be coming later, and how many will live altogether in the apartment. Landlords do not want surprises later :)
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re: 2008/4/29 22:39
thank you so much, that was really nice of you to take your time! ^^
by the way, can documentation and contract be done through mail/ phone/ fax?
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