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Music career in japan 2008/4/29 21:12
How realistic would it be for one to pursue a music career in Tokyo?
When I say music career I mean just making a living, and not necessarily being a rockstar and selling five million albums and what not.

How is the music scene in Tokyo? Is it active?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
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music 2008/4/30 15:45
The live music scene is very active in Tokyo and other large cities, and I know a few non-Japanese who are gradually making their way into it, but they are all working as English teachers to support themselves, and it has taken them quite some time to reach this point.

Other than a spouse visa (which means marriage to a Japanese national), there isn't really a visa that will let you pursue this as your main career unless you are already an established musician and are invited here to perform.
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