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Lost in Translation (bar) & Babel (club) 2008/4/30 02:25
Tokyo 23-ku
I am looking for a bar and club in Tokyo that were each used in a specific scene in the movies Lost in Translation and Babel.

1.)LIT - The bar where Bob and Charlotte where hanging out with Charlotte's Japanese friends. I remember the bar had those big lanterns/lights hanging from the ceiling that had a fireworks "effect" shooting from them. Very cool ambiance. I am not sure if it is the same place as the Karaoke bar in Shibuya

2.)Babel - The club in Tokyo where Chieko and her friends were dancing at with the laser lights and the song September playing in the back ground.

by rcnhouston  

Locations 2008/5/1 00:35
I believe (not 100% sure) that the 'Making off...' featurette on the DVD mentions that the bar with the big lanterns and the strip club is actually the same location and wasn't a real bar or club at all.
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Babel 2008/5/1 00:44
Well I found that the club in the movie Babel is actually Womb, it was listed in Wikitravel under Shibuya.

I know the strip club was created for the movie but it would be a real bummer if the bar with the laterns was made just for the movie too. It looked really cool!

by rcnhouston rate this post as useful

LIT club 2008/5/1 09:17
The club that they filmed in lost in translation, not being the strip club is a club called AIR. Here is the link.
I hope this is what you were looking for :)
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Thanks 2008/5/1 09:41
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