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suggestions for karaoke songs ? 2008/4/30 10:20
I was wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions of popular songs that Japaneses people about my age like to sing at karaoke (i'm 20)? I know nothing about j-pop, but i'm really wanna impress my jboy...
by JamiexIKillForCookies  

anything :D 2008/4/30 13:18
Most guys will be impressed if you can sing anything in Japanese lol! I sing Arashi and Tackey and Tsubasa (both boy bands), but it's still okay. For bands guys like, Bump of Chicken and Exile are popular. But probably better to find something you like and will enjoy singing, that way it is easier to learn. :)
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Jero's UMIYUKI 2008/5/2 02:18
Yea, if you can sing this Enka, you will be a hit! Especially if you can dress yourself with hip-hop style.

Jero is releasing a new album called "Covers" and people in Japan can not get enough of him right now.
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Enka 2008/5/2 02:23
I though Enka is enjoyed by the older generations and is more the traditional Japanese songs. Are 20 year olds into this kind of thing?
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Jero is anything but you can imagine 2008/5/2 03:10

So you don't know about Jero. I urge you to go to You-Tube and check him out. As a matter of fact, many young generations who had refused to listen to Enka now are getting interested for the first time because of Jero.

His song is very much Enka but appeals to young people (and old).
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