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age 15 and wanna live in japan 2008/5/1 06:54
i am 15 years old and want to go to a senior high school in japan but my parents don't want to live in japan, and they give me consent to live there, but how do i do this?
thank you
by Tanika H.  

Exchang Program 2008/5/1 12:09
Have you thought of participating in an exchange program? A program would allow you to live in Japan for a year, and would allow your family to stay where they are.
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Student Exchange 2008/5/1 16:07
A student exchange program definately sounds like the way to go. Do you speak fluent Japanese? Remember you've got your whole life ahead of you, you can go to university there or teach English later, if the student exchange idea doesn't work out.
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just be patient and things will happen 2008/5/1 22:05
To be honest I'd say just wait a while. I thought I wanted to study abroad in Japan when I was in high school too but I waited until college and found that there would have been no way I could have handled living by myself in a foreign country before that. Unless you are both fluent in Japanese and have a family set up that you can live with, you're best waiting until you are actually legal to do stuff there on your own.
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Study harder 2008/5/1 22:13
I don't know how good your Japanese is, but your English needs improving. You need to know both English and Japanese well to succeed in Japan at your age.
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wait 2008/5/2 01:16
and go to a college that has a study abroad program to Japan.

It's only 4 years away... which may seem like a long time to you... but really at your age time goes by really fast. Plus, you'll need some japanese ability to study there.
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Yes 2008/5/2 06:10
Do you have a passport? That would be a must.
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just curious 2008/5/2 09:48
Back in the 70s when I was about 15, the students who came here to Japan on short months worth exchange programs had extremely little knowledge of the Japanese language. They came here basically to learn the culture. Has times changed?
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thanks 2008/5/2 14:28
thank you everyone you have been great help. i think i know what im going to do now!
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