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large sizes 2008/5/1 07:00
im a big guy, im about 6 foot 2 inches in hieght and have fairly big shoulders and unfortunitly a big waiste(38 inches), i usually buy extra large clothes when im in ireland.
My question is, how difficult will it be to buy clothes in japan? and i take a size 13uk shoe, will i be able to find footwaer that fits me.
by Des  

GAP 2008/5/1 12:58
Shop at the GAP.

There are some big people in Japan but not many.
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. 2008/5/1 16:15
My husband, 6'6" and same waist size as you bought a few t-shirts in Japan that fitted him, just at ordinary shops. Didn't look at pants or anything, that might be harder but not impossible I'd say.
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big shoes 2008/5/2 08:18
There is also a shop that specializes in big shoes, just near JR Gotanda station.
I also recall seeing a big clothes shop somewhere around Yokohama, not far from Yokohama Park stadium.
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Big boys, big toys 2008/5/2 08:34
There are some big boys in Japan also, but if you have problems in your country, I'm sure you'll have more in Japan. I don't think your size is extremely large.
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