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no EMS post service during golden week? 2008/5/1 18:13
Hi, someone sent me a package from japan which I desperately wanted to get as soon as possible, so I told him to send it via EMS express mail, but the tracking states that it is in osaka since april 29, 11:02 japan time.

Is the EMS service suspended during golden week?

I paid a lot of money for EMS shipping, i'm kind of sad that it won't arrive by tomorrow (which should be the delivery date according to the EMS delivery time table).

Would be nice if anyone could clear up this situation for me, just that I know if I ordered in the worst possible time or if they just forgot my package.
Thank you.
by Infi  

mail 2008/5/2 05:30
Did you get it? I'm expecting some mail also.
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... 2008/5/2 07:51
April 30th, May 1st and 2nd are regular work days as far as postal service is concerned, so they should be processing it. They might be a bit late in updating the tracking information though.
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tracking 2008/5/2 08:41
@kiyo, ''tomorrow'' just began here in europe ^^ I'll be waiting for the package anyways.

@AK, yeah it could just be that they forget to update the tracking, but that never happened to me before when sending EMS, the tracking was always updated almost real time (as far as I remember my last package was marked delivered as soon as I signed the computer thing of the postman).
But thanks for clearing that up.

I'll just be hoping that there's some fault and it will arrive today otherwise it's a pity I paid the extra charge for EMS :(
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I got mail 2008/5/2 22:09
I just received my package from the USA. Today is Friday, May 2nd.
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update 2008/5/3 00:16
hmm ok it's all been cleared up, the tracking got updated today and it arrived in my country, though not yet at my doorstep.

seems the worries were for nothing, thank you anyways.
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good deal 2008/5/3 06:31
I hate those worries. Glad things worked out ok for you.
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