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Best paying Gaijin job? 2008/5/2 01:19
I know that there is a high demand in Japan for English teachers; however, since you can get this job with a degree in pretty much anything, I was wondering what I should pursue in addition, so I have multiple career options. What is a good paying job in Japan that a Gaijin is welcomed to do, that I could do in Tokyo in particular? I figure it'd be much easier to get a job as a teacher for a year, that way I'm already in japan to search for a different job. it doesn't have to be a HUGE salary, but i'd like to have enough money for a respectable apartment, and still have enough money for personal spending after I've squared off all of my bills.
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IT and finance 2008/5/2 10:36
Jobs in IT and finance pay quite well once you have some experience in the job. I know quite a few foreigners working in these industries in Japan, and there is the potential to be paid very well after a few years.

English teaching on the other hand doesn't have a lot of potential for salary increases unless you have an MTESOL and teach at a university.
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Input 2008/5/2 10:37
Get a TESOL degree if you want to teach English and know what you're doing and enjoy it more. Otherwise, major in Japanese and become bilingual. That will open up doors for you.
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Q's 2008/5/2 10:37
What sort of money would you be wanting after your rent, utilities, etc, are deducted.
How big an apartment do you want?
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salary survey japan 2008/5/2 10:44
Try googling for salary survey japan.
Finance, medical and IT jobs seem like the highest paying. Looks like it will take a lot of studying and experience, though.
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anything 2008/5/2 11:04
I notice that foreign residents in Japan can do well in any field as long as they have the right skills and a proper visa, even if their Japanese is basic.

I've seen foreign residents making good money in fields like, publishing, travel, music, advertisement, trade, cookery, you name it. But I suppose that if you can't compete in the local language, what employers look for in you would probably be things like deep knowledge of your own culture especially in terms of their industry. They need someone to refer to apart from all those Japanese employees, and there aren't that many with the right skills and a proper visa.
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Be a professional 2008/5/2 16:46
It doesn't sound like money is the main issue for the OP. Find something you like or are good at and major in that, and minor in Japanese studies. Chances are you will change your career a couple of times.
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Video Game industry? 2008/5/3 14:43
What about gaijin in the realm of Video Games? do those companies employ many Americans, or foreigners at all?
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