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SALUS Yukata? 2008/5/2 06:15
i will be visiting Tokyo next week....

1.Have anyone tried SALUS yukata? Is it nice & comfortable?

2. Where can i buy SALUS? is there a shop or something, cause i can't seem to find the store info on internet.

Appreciate ur help (",)

SALUS? 2008/5/2 11:36
What is SALUS? I only know it as the name of a free magazine you can pick up at stations on the Denentoshi Line...
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SALUS yukata 2008/5/3 04:23
oops.... sorry, i mean yukata by Salus! i found them in some Japanese magazine. apparently its mail order thru Rakuten or some sort....

any other way to get them...? cause we r tourist, so dont really have a fix address for mail delivery -.-"

* the yukatas look so nice~~
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... 2008/5/3 13:51
Indeed "SALUS" is the name of a company who runs an online shop on Rakuten virtual shopping mall - I checked out their website, but they do not seem to have any "real" shop in Tokyo.

Their e-mail is right in the middle of this page, maybe you could e-mail (in simple English) to ask?
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I suppose you mean those 2008/5/3 14:08

They are closed until May 6th, so the earliest they will reply would be May 7th.
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