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Face slap 2008/5/2 16:57
I've watched a lot of Japanese dramas and I have noticed in every one of them someone gets their face slapped. Does this really happen in real life in Japan and no one gets arrested or sued?
by Kikaida  

. 2008/5/2 21:13
I watch a lot of Japanese tv myself, I don't see much slap on the faces, other then really soap opera type shows.

If you slap someone on the face, they can report you to the police for assault. Of course you don't see this on Television, well because its Entertainment.
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It's only media 2008/5/2 21:38
That's like saying everyone in America has guns. Or Hawaii houses are grass shacks.

Don't believe everything you see on TV.
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rule 2008/5/2 23:47
i heard an open hand receives less punishment than a closed fist.
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