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Question about Concerts in Japan 2008 2008/5/4 02:17
Hi I will be going abroad to Japan from May13 to June2 and i was wondering what concerts will be going on at that time?

I am a Johnny's Entertainment and Tohoshinki fan but from my knowledge they arent having any concerts in Tokyo during that time.

Also if there are any websites or something that may list what concerts there will be in Tokyo that would be helpful! thank u so much!
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Johnny's website info 2008/5/4 13:22
There are several concerts.
*20th Century

Access the website below to get detail information.

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Johnny's concerts 2008/5/5 22:45
Well sorry to tell you but from the personal experience of my friends, most Johnny's concerts (aside from SMAP and Arashi and maybe one or two other bands) are fan club only. This might seem strange especially wilth groups like Kat-tun and NEWS which are huge, but atleast a few months ago when I was there the tickets were only sold within the fan club.

As for Tohonshinki I don't know if they've done a full Japan tour yet.

I'm a Morning Musume/Hello Project fan so I went to a couple of their concerts while I was over there just wasn't able to get the presale fanclub tickets.
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