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Club Genius in Ginza 2008/5/4 12:11
Tokyo 23-ku
I have read some good reviews of this bar/club in Ginza (Genius) but I had a few questions.

I have heard that a suit is usually required in regards to dress code if someone wore a nice pair of designer jeans and a blazer with a button up shirt would that be sufficient?

I know this place can get pricey but what would be the average in regards to entrance fees or price per a drink?

Basically does anyone have any insight into this place?

My friends and I will be in Tokyo from May 7th-14th looking for some cool spots at night to hang out at.

Ryan from Texas
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Have not been there but 2008/5/5 09:12
What they state on the website, if this is the one you are talking about:

Tue. to Thu. open 19:00 - 24:00
3,000 for 6 tickets (male)

Fri. or day before a holiday open 19:00 - 24:00
5,000 yen for 8 tickets (male)

Sat. open 20:00 - 24:00
4,000 yen for 6 tickets

(Closed to the public on Sun. and Mon.)

2 tickets needed for drink or food, additional tickets sold at 1,000 yen (4 tickets)

You need to be at least 23 years old (males) or 20 years old (females), ID may be needed.

"People in casual dress, etc. that does not suit our atmosphere may be refused entry," but they do not say specifically "tie and jacket required."
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Thanks 2008/5/5 10:17
Thanks for the reply. Yeah i saw that link but it was a little vague to me.

Has anyone in Tokyo been or heard of this place?

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Got curious so did some search 2008/5/6 08:57
Picking up some feedback from Japanese bar/club listing and visitor feedback - because of the location, men in business suits seem to
show up after work particularly on Friday evenings, that's why it's mostly suits for men. Even the ladies are fairly well dressed up, in one-piece
dresses/office attire mostly, barely any stylish jeans seen even among ladies.

...From this, for men it might be better to avoid denim altogether as well as no-collar shirt - so non-denim pants, buttoned up shirt, and a blazer jacket *should* do. At least that's what I'll get my husband to wear if we were ever to go there :)

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Genius Been There 2010/3/19 22:55
Was there last Friday, smart jeans are OK and no trainers (as you would expect), casual dress is fine in this place. Take the other guys advice on the entry price + tickets for drinks as we were on special deal. In any case the drinks are worth 2 tickets, after tickets are gone it is cash and is 500 for a small beer. 3 floors of superb sounds and atmosphere and as the other guy mentioned plenty of Japanese business men in after work, it all gets down and dirty (great atmosphere) about 11:00.....enjoy!!!
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