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parts to wearing a kimono? 2008/5/5 07:58
I own the outer layer of a kimono, but i am wondering what all the layers are, as i am aware there can be 3-5 layers worn. what are they all called? where can i buy them?

i am also wondering how to wear an obi, how to tie it, and where you can buy obi and the sash/accessories to go with it. :]

also, where is it possible to purchase custom made geisha shoes? my feet are very tiny, a size 1 or 2 in american children shoes; i do not fit in an adult size.

thank you!
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the list 2008/5/7 05:01
Ok here's a run down of the other accessories that you'll need:
Hadajuban - first layer, can be 1 or 2 pieces.
Koshi himo - thin sashes to hold things in place, and used under obi. you need at least 3. 4 or 5 is best.
Nagajuban - under kimono, the collar of this one will show, unlike the hadajuban.
Haneri - special collar that is sewn onto the nagajuban.
korin belt - elasticated belt with clips to keep kimono fastened under bust
Date Jime - under wrap for juban and/or obi to keep straight (basically an under-obi)
eri-shin - collar stiffener
obiage - scarf tied over obi makura and tucked into top of obi
obidome - decorative brooch worn over the obijime knot
obijime - flat ornamental cord tied over obi
obi makura - small pillow to bulk out obi knot
obi ita - flat board with ties worn under obi to keep waist flat
Zori - formal shoes
Tabi - split toe socks

Kanzashi - general term for hair ornaments
Pads - the curves of the body can create wrinkle in the kimono. using pads (such as small towels) will help acheive a better shape for the kimono.

The list and accessories do depend on what kind of kimono you have and the occasion it is being worn for.

There's many a few websites about tieing obis. just google it. It's honestly better to purchase books though. they have far more styles and details.

Are you wanting physical stores to visit to purchase these, or online sites?

As for your shoe size, are you sure that you are a 1 or 2 in US children's? That's infant and toddlers. If so, it may be hard to find a place to make them so small. Again, i'm not sure if you want a physical store or something online.

Are you in Japan or somewhere else?
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thank you Nika! :] 2008/5/7 09:02
Thank you very much!

i am certain that i am a 1 or 2 in US childrens shoes. Yes, im 16 with teensy tiny feet. i know its hard to believe.

and no, i am not in Japan, i am residing in Wisconsin, USA.

i am looking for either a physical store or online; though im sure online will give me much more luck on finding anything; as i live more in the country, not much here!

where do you live? Japan?
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Ok 2008/5/7 10:26
I'm in the US, New Mexico to be precise. There are few US (pysical) stores that sell kimono and accessories. I've had good luck on ebay, mostly. The rest i bought on past trips to Japan.

As far as geisha style shoes, it'll be really hard to find. I've see them here and there, but they sell out quickly. oh, and the typically go for about $300+ a pair.
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