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Do I Need a Voltage Converter? 2008/5/5 12:49
I'm planning to buy a curling iron when I travel to japan in the summer. Will I be able to use the iron without a voltage converter when I return? I live in Canada.
Also, if I do need a converter, should I buy it in Japan or Canada?

by jennifer  

Should be ok 2008/5/7 20:04
Check the device to see if it is either 100 or 110 volt. It should have a lable or be engraved onto it somewhere. If it is either an only has 2 leads on the cord(not 3) you will be fine. If it has a 3rd pin (the round one) just bring a power strip that has 2 leads to plug-in but has jacks with 3.
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oops 2008/5/7 20:06
oops, mis read your post. You want to bring one back. This should work fine.
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hotter 2008/5/8 08:45
It will get about 10-20% hotter in Canada. If you have to get a voltage converter, it will not be worth doing so, as the converter may end up costing more than buying a curling iron in Canada.
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