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Station/Train Themed Restaurant in Tokyo 2008/5/6 00:21
Tokyo 23-ku
I lived in Tokyo in 1981/82, and remember going to a great restaurant which had a "Train Station" theme. There were station names and tickets on the walls, and diners sat around a rectangular servery, with the chefs barbecuing huge prawns etc in the middle. It had great atmosphere and food. I can't remember the suburb.

I also used to go to another great restaurant at Takadanobaba, called Suki Zuki.

I know it's a very long shot, but does anyone know if these restaurants still exist? I'm going to Tokyo in November, and would love to revisit them if they are still there.

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Tough question 2008/5/10 14:16
Can't think of the train themed place, but it's plainly a teppanyaki restaurant. You could start your search on that basis.

The place you mention in 'Baba is still there.
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Suki Zuki 2008/5/10 21:18
Thank you so much! Have you eaten there, and if so, is it still good, and is it reasonably priced?

Would you be able to post the address for me, so I can try to find it again? From memory it is upstairs in a street which runs on one side of the station?

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Train food 2011/8/8 14:16
I know it's a bit late for you now, but the restaurant you are thinking about is in Yutenji. Go out of the station and head down the street with KFC on the corner...it is just opposite the 7-11.
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.. 2011/8/9 09:30
The restaurant in Yutenji (niagara) is a curry restaurant. So I don't think it's the one the op has in mind. But Niagara is very cool:
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