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Not drinking 2008/5/6 17:37
Hi. It seems I'll be going to Japan rather soon on a Monbushou scholarship. Can someone tell me how socially accepted is non-drinking? I do not drink alcohol at all, would this have a significant adverse impact on my social life?
by Amadan  

Understanding 2008/5/6 17:54
People are understanding if you explain to them why you don't drink, but you will be challenged a lot to have a drink. There are a lot of people who do not drink.
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no problem 2008/5/7 08:10
There are quite a lot of Japanese people who are actually alcohol intolerant and can't drink at all without ending up in hospital. Others just choose not to drink. If you just tell people you don't drink alcohol, and order ginger ale or oolong tea for example when you go out, you will be fine. Part of the Japanese drinking culture is to go to an izakaya where you eat a lot as well as drink, so you can still be sociable. I hardly drink at all but still go out with friends to bars and izakayas and enjoy it.

It is mostly just a few older salarymen who actually put pressure on other people to drink, and you probably won't be hanging out with them much!

As long as you don't mind that people around you are likely to be getting quite drunk, it shouldn't affect your social life at all.
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Congratulations 2008/5/7 13:41
on your scholarship! My Japanese co-workers who choose not to drink alcohol while socializing usually order oolong tea (oolongu-cha). Have a good time!
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Thanks 2008/5/8 05:50
Thanks everyone, I'm much reassured now :)
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