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Radio station recommendations 2008/5/6 22:47
I am over iPods and mp3. I have bought a transistor radio!

Any recommendations for stations (AM or FM) or programs to listen to in Japan? Please specify frequencies.

I understand quite a bit of Japanese, and I am most interested in music, culture or sound content. Or politics and contemporary commentary.

I am hopeful that in a population of 130 million there is something worth tuning in to.
by Ian  

. 2008/5/9 11:19
It depends on where you are.
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Good point 2008/5/9 11:56
I come from a country (Australia) where some of the stations have nationwide coverage.

OK -well, I spend most of my time in Tokyo and Kansai, and occasionally in Tohoku and Hokkaido.

So I am interested in any good recommendations for radio listening an any of those areas.
That includes US bases that broadcast. But really, all tips welcome.
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. 2008/5/9 22:05
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Thanks 2008/5/20 13:29
Very comprehensive list! Sorry it has taken a while to respond.

I am in rural Nara now; Shiga last week and Nagano before that. I have my transistor on, but I am not picking up much. Certainly none of the major urban frequencies.

It is just a small radio, and there are mountains around ...

I have picked up a few chatty programs and once a 'nostalgic favourites' (enka) show, but so far that's all.

I get the impression that radio is not a part of the country lifestyle day around here, let alone background music for work. But I will keep listening.

I have a few city days coming up (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya), so I will try there as well.

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