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Lemon Co. Ltd Japan - stationery company 2008/5/8 17:02
I am looking for the website of a business that manufactures school stationery products such as erasers & stickers. I have searched through Google extensively and can find Lemon Co Ltd but not the company that makes stationery, can anyone assist me with this or tell me where I can purchase this brand in Japan (preferably online)? Thanking you in advance :)
by Kylie  

Lemon Co Ltd / Japan 2008/8/15 12:43
Hi Kylie,

I got the telephone number to Lemon if it is to any help.
Tel. (03) 3822-8899
Hope you find somebody that can speak English!
Matts / Hong Kong
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I can buy some items of Lemon co. 2008/8/30 14:09
I can buy some items of Lemon co.
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Thank you :) 2008/8/30 16:03
Thanks Matts for supplying me with the contact phone number.
Satoru: thanks for the offer, how do I view what is available?
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I'm also looking for this 2008/9/30 23:14
I'm also looking for product from this brand among other ''kawaii'' items. If anyone has got info please let me know!

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are you sure? 2008/10/1 06:46
There is a large 100en shop http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2077.html that operates under the name "Lemon" and "Orange". They do have stationary produced for them but not only that. Their products are not available online. In my opinion Lemon is the best 100en chainstore in Japan.
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Online? 2008/10/1 19:07
Thanks for the info, but I need to find stuff online since I'm from SWEDEN, plus most japanese sellers don't seem to send items outside Japan.Anyone who knows a place where they sell those items? Or how I can get them? Q-lia Kamio Crux Lemon co and so on?

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Lemon Ltd 2008/11/26 04:40
I reside in LA and know of a place called Murakai that carries lots of kawaii for around 2.00. I uploaded some photos of products when I was last year and can send them to you and we could work out a deal via paypal if you want anything. I would charge a few dollars for time but not much and they really have the best of Japanese kawaii. I am actually starting my own shop site next year so, email me your address and I will send you the link when it is up.
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a site? 2009/1/2 23:06
hi, i know of a japanese stationary site i recently discovered. its called kittyandfriends.com .unfortunately it doesnt sell any lemon co. things but it does sell crux,san-x,q-lia and sanrio things, and would ship to sweden.
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