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Best place for headphones in Tokyo? 2008/5/10 15:39
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all

I would like to know the best place in Tokyo that would stock many different brands and models of headphones. I'm assuming Akinahaba would be best for this; I'm looking to compare AKG's with Audio Technica's and also wondering if I could spot some Alessandro MS-1s around to try out.

Also, I do realise that Alessandro's are italian and AKG's are American (I think?), but while I'm in Japan I feel like spending big and would love to buy the best headphones I can!

Thank you for your help
by Mark M  

Akihabara 2008/5/10 17:21
There is a small audiophile shop at Akihabara that has about 100 headphones you can try.

However, any large Yodobashi Camera, BicCamera or Sofmap stores also have some headphones you can try.
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name of store? 2008/5/10 22:07
thanks, do you know the name of the store or where abouts it is in akihabara?
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Cool 2008/5/12 13:31
Yodobashi Camera is actually one of the first things you will see once exiting the JR train station. They have nearly 100 different headphones from Stax, Sennheiser, AKG, beyer Dynamic and many others. Listen there and find you favorite. Then wander Akihabara and find a better price.
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Yodobashi is the place to go. 2008/5/12 22:59
Especially the branch in Shinjuku, nearby Keio, they have lots of headphones.

Good luck!
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best headphone shop in Tokyo 2011/2/21 16:14
The initial shop Sandy was referring to is Dynamic Audio. The headphone shop is on the 1st floor:

I would also recommend this shop over Yodobashi/Bic Camera, first because it is cheaper, second because the listening environment is much quieter (no loud jingles running continuously like at Yodobashi/Bic Camera)
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