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Japanese wedding speech 2008/5/11 18:50
We are invited to our Japanese (exchange student with us many years ago) daughter's wedding. There will be a ceremony at a wedding chapel in the morning and a large reception/party at another hotel in the evening. My husband is wondering if it would be appropriate for him to give a short speech (He has done so at our nieces/nephews weddings). If so, would it be OK if he spoke in English? Should he ask the bride first or could it be a surprise? Where we live, the custom is that the person wanting to hold a speech tells the Master of Ceremonies for the party. The ''MC'' keeps track of who is to speek, when they are to speak and introduces the speaker. What is the custom in Japan? Also here the speech ends with a toast to the Bride and Groom...is it the same in Japan? We are greatful for any suggestions.
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... 2008/5/12 10:11
Hello again Raesansan,

Yes, I understand that the custom is so in many countries, but in Japan, generally the wedding couple decides in advance who should give the speech. So if they don't request you at least a few days before the wedding, you can think that you will not be speaking in front of the crowd.

Typically, there is a speech for the toast, then one from the guest of honor, then maybe a couple from friends (friends sometimes perform instead), then at last one person representing both families might give a speech of thanks and this person is typicall the father of the bridegroom.

Sometimes there is a second casual party after the big banquette, and this will be more relaxed accepting anyone who wants to speak in any style.
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Thank-you 2008/5/12 16:20
Thank-you for your answer. I'll let my husband know and he can think about how he wants to do.
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