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Is this a Japanese Ivory Statue? 2008/5/12 11:35
I just bought these two carvings they are a man and woman I'm not sure if they are Chinese or Japanese, they have a signature or somthing carved into them it looks like a three but its not its a type of symbol and then a what looks like a number symbol (like this # )but with a third slash through the middle. Who do these people represent? And maybe if anybody knew if they came from japan?

Here are some pics.



by Jodi Miller  

statues. 2008/5/12 16:15
I say that they are Chinese. something in the woman clothes and the man face.
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Carvings 2008/5/13 09:40
I am an antiques dealer who lived in Japan for three years. These peices look chinese but I would doubt that they are Ivory which is tusks from elephants. They are more likely a polimer. To test them take a needle and heat it with a lighter till the tip is a little red. Use plyers to hold it because it will be hot. Find a hidden spot and burn a very small spot. If it is Ivory it will smell like burnt hair. if it is plastic it will melt it like if it was a candle. Be advised this test is invasive and will damage the peice. But if you have to know, try it. I do not think they are Japanese but they could have been made in Japan. A look at the signature or mark may help. Post it here as there are Japanese personds that can translate it, I cannot. There kind of cute.
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Asian souvenior 2008/5/13 14:07
I know for sure they're not Japanese, because I know a person who brought them home to Japan as Southeast Asian souveniors, except that they were made of wood. I'm guessing that they are typical souveniors of that place, and can imagine a whole shelf of them being displayed at a souvenior shop.
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Indonesian 2008/5/15 17:31
Hi again. The person who has the wooden version of the male, says it's a typical design found in souvenior shops in Indonesia.
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