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where can I find foreign musician? 2008/5/12 23:51
I have been looking for foreign musician in Japan mainly vocalist.but I can't find any bbs so far.
Does anybody know nice bbs?
by yukun  

? 2008/5/15 21:41
are you looking to hire a vocalist, like for a band? i'm sorry i don't know any BBSs, but if i am looking for musicians for something like a rock band, i find it is helpful to visit the BBS of other bands who are your style. for example, if the band you need a vocalist for is in the style of another famous band, you can always meet musicians at that bands's BBS. There are always people in many different countries on most BBSs. there are always musicians hanging around fansites for bands, too. good luck!
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Vocals 2008/5/20 06:42
What style of vocals (musical genre or example) are you looking for?
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reply from yukun 2008/5/20 13:12
hi anonymouse san.
you are genius:D
I had never thought such a nice idea.arigatougozaimasu.
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