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Omamori tattoo 2008/5/13 02:02
I want to get a tattoo of an omamori, anything wrong with that or something I should know about before doing it?
by Michael  

... 2008/5/13 11:54
what kind of omamori are you looking to get since omamori vary a lot in the form that they take? Do you have a picture in mind?
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right 2008/5/13 14:00
At least it would be odd to have either iF or Y or ʈS engraved on your body. Btw, omamori is to be re-newed each year, if that makes any difference on your considering about the tattoo.
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pic 2008/5/13 19:02
kinda of what i was planning on getting done but just the writing. http://z.about.com/d/altreligion/1/0/P/6/9/sglossaryomamori....
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Omamori 2008/5/13 19:17

I believe that it is a god that looks over the silkworm industry...
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.. 2008/5/14 01:22
Not that same one, but the one for protection. I should've been a little clearer =)
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i.e. to protect your worms or your car? 2008/5/14 11:22
Which one for protection? Omamori, literally meaning ''honorable protection'', is all about protection. There's many. I should've been a little clearer.
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